Transportation Access

Transportation Access

Aichi Industry & Labor Center (WINC AICHI) is easy to come by train, Shinkansen or airplane. It’s easily accessible from train stations or the airport.

Access Map
Access from current location

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4-4-38 Meieki, Nakamura-ku,
Nagoya, Aichi 450-0002, Japan
Reception hours
9 a.m.-8 p.m.
*Except for closed days.

When coming by trainWhen coming by train

From Nagoya Station (JR, subway, Meitetsu, Kintetsu)
  • From the Sakuradori Exit of JR Nagoya Station: a five minute walk in the direction of Midland Square
  • From Unimall underground mall Exit 5: a two minute walk
  • From Meieki underground mall Sun Road: An eight-minute walk via Midland Square, Marukei Kanko Building and Nagoya Crosscourt Tower
  • From JR Shinkansen exit: A nine-minute walk
From JR (Tokaido Shinkansen)
  • From Tokyo Station: About 97 minutes
  • From Shin-Osaka Station: About 51 minutes
Access from Nagoya Station

You can get there without getting wet by going through Midland Square, Marukei Kanko Building, and Nagoya Crosscourt Tower from the Meieki underground mall Sun Road.

Access from Nagoya Station
  • 1Exit Nagoya Station using the Sakuradori Exit, go straight, and cross the first crosswalk.
  • 2Go straight on the north side of Midland Square.
  • 3Cross the crosswalk, and it will be 20 meters ahead.
  • AFrom Unimall, the No. 5 Exit is most convenient.

When coming by car and using the parking garageWhen coming by car and using the parking garage

parking garage accommodates 123 cars

The parking garage accommodates 123 cars and is available for use by those coming by car.

The parking garages accommodating a total of 123 cars can be found on the 2nd and 3rd basement floors.

  • Parking management office:
  • You can use a credit card
  • Upper limit on daily parking fee
  • Notes: The number of cars that can park is limited.
  • We apologize if the parking garage is full.
  • Motorized two-wheeled vehicles cannot park in the parking garage.
Access Map

For customers using WINC AICHI
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  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D
  • E
  • Approximately six minutes from Nagoya Expressway Ring Route Nishikibashi Exit

    Parking garage entrance

    Please enter the building from the west side (Midland Square side).
    Note: You cannot use a hand cart from the parking garage.

  • Receiving entranceYou must apply in advance to use the receiving entrance. Please contact us for details.
Hours 24 hours (flat type parking)
8 a.m.- 10 p.m. (3rd basement floor automated parking)
Usage fee All days ¥250 for 30 min. (between 7 a.m. and 11 p.m.)
All days ¥100 for 60 min. (between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m.)
Maximum daily parking fee All days ¥1,880 (up to 24 hours after entering the garage)
Car capacity 123 (Two disabled spots on the 2nd basement floor and 1 on the 3rd basement floor)
Form Underground gate type
Staffed 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.
*Note that the attendant will be gone at times because he is on patrol.
Parkable vehicle
Flat type
  • Height of 2.3 m or less, width of 2.0 m or less, length of 5.0 m or less, weight of 2.0 t or less, minimum height of 15 cm or more
Automated (2 types)
  • Height of 1.55 m or less, width of 1.85 m or less, length of 4.85 m or less, weight of 2 t or less, minimum height of 12 cm or more
  • Height of 1.55 m or less, width of 1.75 m or less, length of 4.70 m or less, weight of 1.80 t or less, minimum height of 12 cm or more
  • You may not use ¥10,000, ¥5,000 or ¥2,000 bills. Please use ¥1,000 bills.
  • Please note that you may not use an MKP point card.
  • Please note that you may not use a hand cart to transport loads into and out of the parking garage.
    Please use the receiving entrance on the first floor to carry loads in and out.

When coming by airplaneWhen coming by airplane

中部国際空港(セントレア)名鉄空港線約30分 名古屋駅 徒歩約4分 ウインクあいち